Another day in the shop

2009-06-05 00:06:00-0700

There's nothing incredibly exciting going on yet. We were going to plan my trip to Ha Long bay yesterday but the power outage kinda messed that up. Today we're going to square that away, and tomorrow we'll probably be going back to Ho Chi Minh City.

This morning I woke up eaten by mosquitoes, probably because I didn't put on insect repellant before we went out last night to get some smoothies in a nearby village. I took a shower, and when I was done I shaved in the sink which is outside on the back porch, rain pouring down, listening to Pretty Lights on my iPhone. Too bad I couldn't have photographed that.Scooter in the Market

Tien and I went down to the market for breakfast and had some ramen style soup stuff. The american idea of breakfast as being a separate type of meal from other meals is completely gone. All meals are equal here.

I'll never be impressed again when I watch a movie and somebody drives a motorcycle through a store or through a crowded market. That happens all the time here, but it's not some badass chasing a bad guy, it's people like your mom and they're going shopping for teddy bear phone charms and perfume.

Tien and I played hacky sack in the shop, she picked it up really quickly! She seems to be a quick learner and skilled with her hands and feet. After hacky sack I taught her how to juggle using the hacky sack and two bottles of Naco cosmetic vitamin cream. Tien in the shopShe picked up juggling equally quick. It was sad when I told her how great she was doing and she said that other people never said things like, never told her she was smart or talented.

We sat in the shop for a while and listened to music, talking about lyrics (thank you PearLyrics, damn you big industry music companies) and how melody is greater than genre. I'm not sure how much of what I was saying she understood, but I know she got the idea. We played Wurdle too, which was good for her english.

We walked home and the power was out again, but quickly came on, then off, then on. We had a somewhat American lunch, some kind of stew with bread, and now we really need to figure out this weekends plans. Off to a beach, I think, to buy some stuff I need, and then I'm off to Ha Long bay on Monday! Or so goes the plan... One thing I learned quick, before I even left, was that you can plan, but you don't ever really know what's going to happen.

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