48 Hours

2009-05-27 14:05:00-0700

In 48 hours I'll be flying over the Pacific Ocean on an airplane bound for Tokyo.

This morning I woke up and wasn't sure where I was. The feel of the bed and the Wall•E bed set reminded me that I realized I was in Maks' room. Looking out of the window where I'd normally see Monterey I saw only white. The sun was up and we were sitting on a bed of clouds that were nestled in the valleys below.

When I got to work I was delighted to find my passport and my Vietnam visa waiting for me in a FedEx envelope. I promptly scanned them and made two color copies. Now I just need Laos and Cambodia... by tomorrow.

Over my lunch I headed to Kaiser to get my last shot before leaving. The nurse was nice and good humored, and had been to Singapore a few years ago, so we were chatting it up. As she rolled up my sleeve I consciously relaxed and repeated the word "relax."

She stuck me and said "This is nothing, I've heard horror stories about some countries over there, people getting drugged up on opium and waking up in some torture camp--"

"Please don't say things like that while you have a needle in my arm."

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