8 Days left in the USA

2009-05-21 11:05:00-0700

Checking the Mizzon Every Wednesday my friend Bernadette goes sailing with friends in Santa Cruz, so yesterday Blake and I headed down there to enjoy some time on the water. This was going to be Blake's first time sailing. It was a small group, just 9 of us. The weather was beautiful, the ocean was calm, the wind was light, so the sailing was peaceful and warm. I was really happy with the photos I got, partly because the sails were working as huge light bouncers to fill in the shadows.

One of the guys who was with us this week was a helicopter pilot for a ski outfit in Canada, and his girlfriend was a chef at the same resort. They were out traveling and stopped through Santa Cruz to catch up with Carl, on of the regulars on the boat. It's great to meet other people who are traveling and doing exciting things, it's really inspiring.

After sailing, Bernadette, Sasha, Blake and I got pizza, then Blake headed back to Vallejo and I went home with Bernadette and Sasha. I slept on B's air mattress and it was surprisingly comfortable. Sasha and I made pancakes for breakfast and then Bernadette dropped me back off at work.

5 more days of work left.

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