1 week left

2009-05-22 11:05:00-0700

Calm waters in Santa Cruz This morning I woke up at Kyung and Kat's place.

Every morning I wake up and think "What do I need to do before I leave?" Buy a backpack. Get a shot. Sell my car. Find a place for my bicycle. Port my phone number onto a pay-as-you-go phone. Buy bug repellent. Roll over my 401k. I really need to make the best of this weekend.

Last night I picked Lily up from her friends house and introduced her to Kyung and Kat, then we all went out for dinner at the Pruneyard. I'm trying to get my fill of American food before I leave and I think I'm nearly there.

Work is going good, it's strange to think that in a week I won't have a job. Then again, I think that large change will just be overshadowed by living out of a backpack in a different country. I wonder how long I'll be able to afford these changes...

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