Thoughts from the back seat of a VW on the way to Santa Cruz

2009-05-16 15:05:00-0700

In the back of Blake's car cruisin' down highway 1 on the way to Santa Cruz after a crazy morning running around trying to handle my travel visa's. It looks like everything is going to work out, so that's good, but apparently Laos and Cambodia only give single entrance single exit visa's. That's OK, but it does hinder my freedom to roam aimlessly all over SE Asia.Azula

Blake, Steven and I are out catching the beautiful sights on our way down Highway 1 to Santa Cruz. Just out for a drive and are going to meet up with Sara, Karen, Brad and Misty. Misty recently went to Vietnam so I've been picking her brain, but this is the first time I'll get face-to-face since she's been back.

Last night, Donna and I got some wine and beer then caught the 71 down to Haight to catch a show that one of Donna's friends was putting on with his band, Dead Western. It was a party bus off the bat, as soon as we got on some guy commented on Donna's captain hat and told us a story about his apartment building in NYC having an explosive sewage problem. One of his friends came over wearing a captain hat and set a little sail boat on the raw sewage to sail it around. The people you meet randomly have the most interesting stories.

We got off in upper Haight and went to Slice of New York and got some pizza. I've decided that I'm not going to eat any Asian food until I actually get to Asia. That way I can get sick of American, Italian and Mexican food and hopefully will not crave it so much when I can't get it.

We met up with Dead Western and hung out before the show. I called up my friend Ben Random and invited him down, he only lives a block away from the venue. He showed up and brought his Panasonic LX3, which I'm thinking about picking up for my trip. Now, I'm really really thinking of picking one up. HD video, F/2 24mm equivalent... yeah, it's rad.

After the show I caught the N to 4211 and crashed on the couch with Brianna for a bit until we went back to her own bed and I fell fast asleep and had strange dreams about people from Colorado.

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