About Protanopic

The Website: Protanopic.com

This website, protanopic.com, was made in order for me to have a place to track my trip to SE Asia in mid 2009 and share my journey with the people who wanted to keep up on it beyond just looking at the photos. It has since morphed into my daily photo blog.

The Condition: Protanopia

Protanopia is the condition of being red-green color blind, which I am. People often ask me why I can take such colorful photographs if I'm colorblind, and to that I say that the world has color, even if I can't see it all. I just photograph the existing light.

Color Blindness Resources

I am keeping notes about colorblindness on my tech-notes site.

The Reverse Colorblind Test shows some of the benefits of being colorblind.

Vischeck is a website that simulates colorblind vision.

Paletton is a color scheme creation tool that includes simulations of various colorblind conditions.

Color Oracle is an application that will show you what your screen looks like to a color blind person. In my experience is mostly accurate except in cases of extreme saturation. Of course your monitor's color calibration will affect the results as well.

DanKam is an augmented reality app for color blind people that helps them see the colors that are normally difficult for them to see.

We Are Colorblind is a library with patterns and examples for anyone who designs, develops or is in another way involved with creating websites or content for the web.

The Day I Saw Van Gogh’s Genius in a New Light is a great blog post that discusses Van Gogh's genius in regards to color blindness. It also links to some software for comparing color blind perspectives to normal color receptive perspectives.

Colblindor has links to good information about color blindness and several different color test.

Biyee Scitech has a nice color blind test suite.