32::353 - Pump

2010-12-28 14:12:00-0800

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32::353 - Pump

My aunt found this old pump that belonged to my grandfather, who was an engineer. He had a lot of cool things like this in the garage, but it burned down almost completely many years ago so most of it was lost. This pump still works fine as a sort of bellows, and the first thing I thought was "that'd be an awesome steampunk costume prop."

I was using this prop to teach Tien how to shoot lightbox product shots, moving from a prime to a zoom and finally to a tilt lens where you can align the focal plane to suit your needs. As soon as I put my PC-E 24mm on my D3s I realized that with that crop factor that lens is really not good for small product shots. I wonder if I should trade it in for a 45mm or 85mm...

This was one on-cam bounced SB-900 as master to a remote SB-900 in a 32" Westcott softbox from above.

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