33::116 - New toys

2011-05-06 17:05:00-0700

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33::116 - New toys

No, the iPhone isn't new, but the S95 that took this photo is, and so is the Eye-Fi card. Before going out and buying an Eye-FI "Pro" card, keep in mind that even the Eye-Fi "Pro" card cannot geotag RAW files, so you end up having to shoot RAW+JPG then run exiftool to migrate the exif data from the JPG to the RAW. The import tool is written in AIR though, so I have no idea why they don't give you the option to store RAW as DNG and include the GPS data there.

Also, so far my experience with this device reminds me of why I love Apple and buy their products. Speaking of Apple, the ability to transfer files to my iPhone so far does not work. Eye-Fi has been incredibly disappointing so far because it won't Geotag the file format I want, and it won't transfer to my phone, which are the two reasons I bought this thing.

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