33::154 - Image Number 0

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33::154 - Image Number 0

The first shot of the Canon T3i was actually numbered 0. Self portrait because, hey, it's got a flip-out screen so why not?

So far, I think that for me, switching off the D3s to a newer, cheaper camera was a good change. I do not think that the D3s is $4500 better than this camera. One thing I'm enjoying already is the 50% more megapixels this camera offers. One thing I'm already missing is the killer tone curve and details in the dark areas the D3s had. Aside from that, experiencing photography from a consumer standpoint on a new platform is refreshing. The feature set is different, the interface is different.

One other thing I love about the T3i so far is that if I leave the LCD closed, it's just like using a film camera. All the important info is in the viewfinder.

Now, I need to accessorize with some great glass, because that's the most important part of a camera system these days.