34::101 - First IR Portrait

2012-05-05 19:05:00-0700

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34::101 - First IR Portrait

Today marks a new milestone for me. I shot Nikon for 15 years, then switched to Canon to see what it was all about. After shooting for nearly a year, I've decided that Canon is over-hyped, and I simply don't like it as much as Nikon. With that, I'm switching back to Nikon, and doing so in style. This morning I picked up a Nikon D70, the first model of DSLR I ever owned, which had been converted to IR by Life Pixel. Like so many other people I'm waiting for my D800 order to be fulfilled, so this D70 should keep me occupied until then. I also picked up a 45mm PC-E ƒ/2.8 tilt-shift lens, which is something I've been missing since I got rid of my PC-E 24mm ƒ/3.5. As of today I'm back on Nikon, doing what I love, not just exploring the alternatives. So here's a photo of my lovely wife with light eyes and blue hair.

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