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There's a speed boat behind that wave, but you can't see it because the wave is so large.

I got my D5200 today and this was one of the 19th photo I took with it. I'm already enjoying it as much as any other camera with the flip-out LCD form factor, but it has a feature I've long wanted and never seen on any camera I've owned: an option to automatically set the minimum shutter speed based on focal length when shooting with auto-ISO. This feature was available in the T3i, but at the expense of manual minimum shutter speed selection. The D5200 has both, and that is a beautiful thing. (I later found that the D800 also has this feature but I'd missed it.) This image was taken with that feature enabled. The camera wouldn't let the shutter time go below 1/500s with such a long zoom on a cropped sensor, so it upped the ISO to 250 to keep the shutter time fast. I didn't have to choose 1/500s, the camera selected that based on my focal length.

On the down side, Nikon really needs to implement focus peaking like the Sony NEX has. Live-view benefits so much from focus peaking, especially with the flip out screen where you're doing weird angles and need visual feedback of precise focus, eg: ground-level macros. They should be doing everything they can to get whatever legal rights they need to get in order to have that feature.

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