35::132 - Pinhole of a prism

2013-05-24 22:05:00-0700

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35::132 - Pinhole of a prism

A long time ago I took a Nikon body cap an drilled a big hole in it with a dremel tool. Then I cut open an aluminum can and taped part of it over the hole. Then i poked a hole in it with a sewing needle. This created a very tiny aperture. This is how you make a pinhole camera. The aperture was too small though, not enough light was coming through, and you could tell it wasn't circular. Finding something only slightly larger than a sewing needle was difficult, so today I decided to just push a thumb tack through it. This created a very nice round hole, but it was too large to make a very clear image. In any case, this is a photo I took using a piece of an aluminum can as a lens on my D800. Maybe next I'll dry tin foil, that's supposed to work well.

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