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I suppose I should keep track of where I go. I'm looking for a way to embed some kind of map about my journey, it will be great to have a geographically aware journal with geotagged images. For now I'll just log it.

Friday and Saturday nights I slept on the couch at 4211 Moraga #1.
Sunday I slept on Rob's couch.
Monday I slept on the beanbag in my office.
Last night night I slept on Kyung and Kat's spare futon in San Jose off Oakland and Rock.
Tonight I'm staying with Bernadette in Scott's Valley.

In other news, my stuff is still partly in my car, partly in a storage unit, and partly in Lauren's place across from 4211. I need to consolidate that shizz, sucks to have things spread around. I'd almost rather get rid of the stuff than have it scattered around.

It's been cloudy and raining since Friday, but the sun was up this morning. Saturday I met up with Rob, Zach and Ben, hadn't seen Z for a long time. We ate at a place called The Pork Room to spite the swine flu.

Afterwards, Rob had me come with him to cover the masturabate-a-thon for the blog. It was entirely underwhelming and not at all what I'd expected. It appears we went at one of the least active times, though I still wouldn't have really wanted to go if it weren't for a story.

That night I went out with Donna and Lily for dinner in Chinatown, then to Matt's (Lily's friend and old roomie) birthday party for a bit, then back to 4211.

Sunday was dull and wet. I went to REI to look at packs and buy some hot weather shirts that will travel well. Hacked teh linux with Rob late that night, trying to hook Boxee up to his TV.

Monday I went to dinner in San Jose with Reem, Julian and Dana and caught up a bit. Reem had just gotten back from Dubai. Dana and I talked about her travel dreams and a little about photography.

Last night I went to Trials and met Kyung, Kat, the other Kyung, Chris Bennett, Sadek, Julian and Martin.

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