This is not a phone. It’s a computer that makes phone calls.

2016-11-25 10:11:50-0800

Bruce Schneier, addressing the House of Representatives’ Energy and Commerce Committee:

As the chairman pointed out, there are now computers in everything. But I want to suggest another way of thinking about it in that everything is now a computer: This is not a phone. It’s a computer that makes phone calls. A refrigerator is a computer that keeps things cold. ATM machine is a computer with money inside. Your car is not a mechanical device with a computer. It’s a computer with four wheels and an engine… And this is the Internet of Things, and this is what caused the DDoS attack we’re talking about.


I come from the world of 'computer' security, and that is now 'everything' security.

via Bruce Schneier: 'The internet era of fun and games is over'.

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