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Memories in a hole

Today I had a social meeting with a co-worker who lost his brother to cancer a few years ago. We talked about how you never really get over it, and getting over it is not something you want to do. You learn to live your life with this new hole …

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On Lightfield photography and Lytro

Benjamin Warde commenting on Lytro:

Viewers will find clicking on photos to refocus them to be fun for exactly 17 seconds, after which theyll be bored, not to mention annoyed that they're being made to do work the photographer should have done already. ...

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Exploring HDR processing of a single RAW image

You don't have to research HDR much to find the common questions about how best to process a single image into an HDR. Some people suggest taking the photo and running it straight through Photomatix, letting it do all the legwork. Others suggest taking the image into...

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Rethinking Photography in 2011

Yesterday some mixed feelings and vague thoughts I've been having for a long time culminated in the decision to sell all of my photography gear and start over from scratch.

I've been a hobbyist photographer for a long time, I got my first camera when I was about 7, but …

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Update from normalcy SF

Since I haven't been traveling, it's been a long time since I've actually written on my blog. Right now I'm sitting on my front steps in Chinatown, SF, sipping on cognac and waiting for my wife to come home with the key to our front door.

I've been working back …

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Saigon, Consulate, Hospitals and Hotels

A lot of the days in Binh Hoa blur together with very little highlights. Most of the time is spent playing Wii, PvZ and Marble Mixer, going out for coffee and tea, and laying around in the heat drinking fresh fruit juice. This is how most of the time was …

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From Hanoi to Binh Hoa

Because our flight had been changed and was no leaving that night, we had another day to kill, so we took no care to wake up early on June 2nd. Tien was craving bao cake so we went and got that for breakfast, and of course coffee. While we were …

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Extra time in Hanoi

Since we had bought our tickets for June 2nd, June 1st was an open day to do anything. We spent the morning being lazy but eventually made it out to enjoy the city. Read More

Returning from Cat Ba Island

After the previous days excursions, May 31 was a somewhat sore day. I actually wasn't as sore as I was expecting though, which was nice. Tien and I were thinking about finding more things to do on Cat Ba Island, but instead we decided to head home. We chose this …

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Geocaching on Cat Ba Island

May 30th was another rainy morning on Cat Ba Island. My hair was getting longer than I liked so I decided to shave my head, but when I went to use my electric razor the battery was practically dead. To top it off, I soon found out I had killed …

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A Trip to Cat Ba Island

On the morning of May 28th our alarm failed to go off, or at least we didn't hear it, but I somehow managed to wake up about 15 minutes before our bus arrived. We hurriedly packed and got downstairs with just a few minutes to spare. Tien tried to find …

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Tien's first day in Hanoi

On the morning of May 27 we woke up, rented a motorbike and immediately got lost in old town Hanoi. We got really lost too, and didn't find our way back to the lake for about an hour or two. When we finally did we stopped for breakfast. I had …

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Consular BS, Interview Date, Traveling to Hanoi

On May 24th Tien and I woke up with a plan to head to Saigon. We booked a bus for 3pm and spent the morning playing more Wii and PvZ. We played PvZ all the way until the bus to Saigon was right outside Thu's house honking its horn waiting …

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A family gathering, video games

On May 22, Tien's uncle rented a bus and a bunch of us drove over to where Tien's cousin has just built a house. Many members of Tien's family were gathering to remember the anniversary of the death of Tien's grandmother. We grabbed breakfast in LX on the way and …

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Adventures on Phu Quoc and the trip home

On May 20 Tien and I woke up on the island of Phu Quoc, went downstairs for breakfast and then took the moto out to have a look around the town. We bought a proper swimsuit for her, some sunscreen, and tried to find me a helmet, which is a …

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Heading to Phu Quoc

The morning of May 18 we woke up with no power and again made plans again to go to Ha Tien beach. We went to LX to have lunch and surf the net and check out the bus station schedule.

We passed a white man with a white trimmed beard …

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Lazing around Binh Hoa

On May 14 Tien and I went to the market for breakfast. Her family had moved their shop one door down to the entryway where the food stalls are. Hanging in their shop was a shirt that said "Chicago holiday in member recruitment we require oral...

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Hanging in Saigon, choosing Binh Hoa over Nha Trang

On May 12 Tien and I got an early breakfast and decided to walk down to the river. It looked nicer on the map than it actually was, due to construction and heavy traffic, but it was nice all the same. We ran into an Australian couple and asked them …

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From Taipei to Saigon, and more importantly, to Tien

On the flight to Saigon I sat next to a nice Vietnamese man from Canada who was going home to visit family. We didn't talk a whole lot, but he did mention that Saigon is different every time he goes back, always expanding and always building. He'd grown up in …

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Back to Vietnam in 2010

Friday, May 7th was my last day working my contract at GWOS. I had thought my contract ended a week earlier, and had bought a plane ticket for that timeframe. That detail was an oversight on my part, and it cost me nearly the price of a plane ticket just …

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