Preparing for my third Asia trip

2010-05-04 22:05:00-0700

Time spent on San Francisco trainsRight now I'm on the L-Taraval on my way to the sunset. Rob is in new York looking for a place to live and I'm crashing at his place while he's gone.

I just finished a crazy, long day at work with network config, server upgrades, Linux active directory authentication problems relating to a windows server meltdown that also caused DNS and VPN meltowns. This infrastructure is not exactly high availability. It started at 6am and here at 10pm it's almost over... On top of that I managed to work out the details of a landing visa for my trip to saigon next week and line up a small crew for how weird this Sunday.

It's such a foreign world here in SF compared to the remote Mekong farm village where Tien grew up and is staying these days. I love technology, and I need to make money, but I have to find a balance.

I need immigration to approve Tiens visa. It's been over five months since I last saw Tien, which is a long time to go without seeing anybody, let alone your fiancé. Too long.

Last weekend I went to San Jose for Sadeks birthday and caught up with a ton of folks I hadn't seen in a long time. I've managed to fit in quite a few good visits in my last few weeks here, though unfortunately a few have not come through.

It's strange to consider the levels of anticipation between my trips. The first time I left I was burned out on work, going into the unknown ready for whatever. The second time I was lovestruck and impatient for things to move on freely. This time I seem exhausted and underwhelmed. I've been so focused on projects at work and dealing with the details that I feel like I've lost touch with the joys that I'm pursuing. When I stop to think about the situation I am either emotionally swelled with missing Tien or incredibly frustrated and nearly broken over this ridiculous US immigration saga.

I need a vacation, that's for sure. Maybe I'll go back to Nha Trang...

It's weird to think back to a time when I cared where I slept at night.

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