5 Days Left

2009-05-24 10:05:00-0700

It's been crappy weather in San Francisco this weekend, honestly I've been thinking about heading back to the south bay. This is the freedom that being a vagabond gives you. Instead of doing that when I woke up on the 4211 couch, I went to Java Beach instead. I've been sitting here draining my battery developing photos. I am now under the impression that I will have thousands of photos to sort through Sunset to SFwhen I get back from Asia because I just won't have time to sort through them on the go over there.

Yesterday I went and bought some of my gear for my trip: a new backpack, a travel towel, a few more things like that. I'm stoked about my backpack, it's really comfortable and is a good size. The weight of the camera and laptop is now my only big concern. I'm still considering loading up Windows XP on my netbook and just taking that...

I gave Donna another stick-shift lesson yesterday. She's probably going to buy my car when I leave and didn't know how to drive stick yet.

For dinner, Rob, Donna and I headed to Magnolia and met up with Lily. Good drinks, good food, good company. We stopped off at Club Deluxe on the way home for drinks; they have fantastic mojito's.

So here it is, blogging on a bleak Sunday morning in San Francisco in a coffee shop in my old neighborhood at the end of the N train right by the beach, wondering what to make of this day, my last Sunday in San Francisco.

I may go geocaching with Lisa... need to pick up some travel bugs to take with me.

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