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On Lightfield photography and Lytro

Benjamin Warde commenting on Lytro:

Viewers will find clicking on photos to refocus them to be fun for exactly 17 seconds, after which theyll be bored, not to mention annoyed that they're being made to do work the photographer should have done already. ...

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Exploring HDR processing of a single RAW image

You don't have to research HDR much to find the common questions about how best to process a single image into an HDR. Some people suggest taking the photo and running it straight through Photomatix, letting it do all the legwork. Others suggest taking the image into...

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Rethinking Photography in 2011

Yesterday some mixed feelings and vague thoughts I've been having for a long time culminated in the decision to sell all of my photography gear and start over from scratch.

I've been a hobbyist photographer for a long time, I got my first camera when I was about 7, but …

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3D photography is something I've been in and out of for a while.


  • 1/30th rule - The separation between the perspective of the two images should be 1/30th the distance to the...

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