Back in the office... on a Saturday morning?!

2009-05-16 10:05:00-0700

*sigh* I forgot some paperwork at the office that I need in order to get my Visas for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. It's funny how my mind works, I get so much good thinking done when I should be in deep sleep. And by "funny" I mean "kinda lame." Anyhow, I nearly startled awake on the couch at 4211 #1 this morning with the realization that I'd forgotten this folder that I'm keeping all of my Asia documents in, and with that as my number one priority for the day I got in my car and started driving straight to the coffee shop. Then I drove straight to the office, 50 miles away, with DJ Tiesto - In Search of Sunrise in the speakers. Life is always better with a soundtrack.

When I got to the office there was a woman standing with her baby in the center of the road into the parking lot of my office building. This reminded me of something that has struck me lately... I've noticed that the people who live in the new condos they build next door have what I would consider to be a very miserable existence concerning their neighborhood. Forget lost beauty I see people walking their dogs and taking their babies out for strolls through our parking lot, which amazes me because there's a beautiful field in the exact opposite direction. (And I mean beautiful in respect to what you tend to find in the middle of a populated metroplex. Untended with small animal wildlife doing their small wild animal things.) The area has been under construction for the last 4 years. The mall next door has been going out of business for longer than I've lived in the Bay Area. Even just the other day a woman I met on the street who just arrived from Taiwan and was lost told me she went into the mall and thought it was closed because almost nobody was inside. Even though there is some beauty to be found around here it seems so odd or incomplete or mismatched, seeing somebody raise their family around that same poorly engineered, crummy parking lot in an eternal construction zone on the corner of a freeway exit at one of the most accident prone intersections in the South Bay. I just don't understand that.

We all have our likes and dislikes, and who knows? Maybe they like just having a place to call their own. As for me, I'm out. Just 2 weeks until I'm sitting in Saigon discovering other ways of life that I don't understand.

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