Geeking out with Donna

2009-05-10 22:05:00-0700

White Gorilla Man Went to How Weird with Karen today and had an awesome time. Afterwards I realized I probably would've had a more exciting time if I hadn't had my camera on me. I'll have to keep that in mind while I'm over in Asia... remember to have camera-less days. One thing I was thinking of taking is an instant-on voice recorder so I can just begin recording audio so I can dictate what I'm seeing. I suppose I could just get a video cam though... Hmm.

I came back to Sunset after How Weird and hit up Noriega Pizza with Donna to unwind. We hung out with Lauren in her new place for a few minutes before coming back to the couch and cozy chair at 4211 #1 to use laptops and do online things. I'm crashing here tonight.

I need to remember to get my typhoid inoculation from the doctor tomorrow.

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