Good Morning Vietnam

2009-05-30 19:05:00-0700

I woke up on a mattress in Saigon this morning, a rooster crowing outside the window and a lizard crawling up the wall.

I decided to throw caution to the windo and went against what everybodytold me to do: be safe. I jumped on a scooter with Tam and headed through the crazy Saigon traffic to one of the many hole in the wall restarutants and had pho for breakfast with Tien, Tien, Tam and Mai. Afterwards we went back home and walked to a stylish coffee shop on an open patio where Vietnamese men were sitting with laptop computers smoking cigarettes while sipping iced coffee with run and listening to loud Japanese music like Maximum the Hormone and Megumi Hayashibara. I'm wondering when I'll get sick from the ice and water, but so far so good!

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