Life is good

2009-05-17 21:05:00-0700

I am sitting nearly on top of the coastal range in the SF Bay Area at a familiar place, Lila's house. This place is as close as home as I have right now, as home as 4211 is. I have a dog and two cats nearby, a glass of wine, and several uninvited mosquitoes. The sun has set and the last of golden light are settling on the horizon below a darkening blue sky.Ficery

Life is good.

A Russian guy I knew, Maxim, once said those words while siting shotgun in my car as we were leaving the Colorado Springs airport. He had just gotten back from a trip to Chicago. I put on some Russian techno when I picked him up, something that might be familiar.

He leaned his seat back, put his hands behind his head and said something like "Ah, Russian techno! I know this, it is good. It feels like my home... Chicago was great. I was in my hotel room, in my jacuzzi, smoking a cigar and listening to music, and I thought to myself 'life is good.' Life is good..." He said this last phrase with a nod and a particularly rich Russian accent, and it has always stuck in my head.

Tonight, I am sitting up here with a priceless view on the desk of my Russian boss's house. Having eaten a home cooked Russian meal, playing with the animals and intermittently giving my opinions on business a conversation taking place between Lila, Dimitri and Will... Drinking wine, hearing only the jingle of the cat's bell and other domesticated animal sounds... I think that Maxim was right, life is good.

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