Made it to Tokyo

  • By Daniel
  • 2009-05-29 23:05:00-0700

Tokyo Narita Airport runway My flight to Tokyo was fantastic, best flight I've ever had. There were video games, movies, fresh fruit, wine, two meals served with metal silverware complete with wine, hot tea and coffee and ice cream for dessert. I almost didn't want to get off when we landed...

So here I am in the waiting area of Narita International Airport where I've already gotten lost and ended up on the wrong side of the airport, but I had planned on strolling around anyways to check out the architecture, culture, girls, etc.. I found engrish shirts, crazy electronic devices and toys, stores with Japanese art. I wonder what it's like outside the airport though, airports never give the whole picture of the culture.

The people are great. It seems like everybody here has a different radiance. Even on the flight I was amazed at something extra in the stuardess' demeanor. Perhaps it's one of those eastern things. Many people seem jovial and friendly, though I can't understand almost anybody and they're not all speaking Japanese.

One thing is the same though, IT related stuff is still a pile of crap. I can't get online to save my life right now because Boingo has a crummy sign-in process with a glacial credit card authentication server. No phone signal either. The fact that it's midnight in SF doesn't help, airplane sleep barely counts and I'm tired as hell.