Mother's Day

2009-05-10 11:05:00-0700

Crashed at Rob's place again last night. Just got back from picking him up at the airport.

Yesterday I taught Donna how to drive stick and moved some more stuff out of Lauren's place. I kinda freaked out about having too much stuff and nearly just threw most of my remaining shit away, but after a nap I decided to just let it ride. I just have anxiety about owning things I have no immediate or even medium-term use for.

The Casting PoolsI cleaned Rob's bathroom because it was the most disgusting bathroom I'd ever been in. Right as I was finishing that Karen showed up and we went geocaching in Golden Gate park. We found the casting ponds by the Anglers Lodge, really cool area. Hit up Shanghai Dumpling King afterwards, tried to catch the fireworks of the K-fog Kaboom after that, then stopped by a Tea Party at 4211 #1 for a while before heading back to Rob's. Karen took one of my bean bag chairs and a large photograph, which was really helpful because that's just less shizz for me to worry about.

Today is the How Weird Festival 2009, so I might head down there with Karen.

I almost totally forgot about Mother's day, so the least I can do is call. I think G-funk is back in the flower business, maybe I'll have him deliver something for me.

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