Tuesday in the Office

  • By Daniel
  • 2009-05-13 09:05:00-0700

I slept on Gecko and Brian's memory foam bed last night! It was interesting, I've never slept on memory foam before. They are letting me stay in their Menlo Park cottage while they attend a wedding in Arizona.

A girl named Megan Lau from Logitech came to my office to let me and Ray Sennewald review some pre-release gear. For compensation she hooked us both up with some logitech gear, and ga ve me a cool travel mouse that will be very handy while I'm out on the road. I also got a webcam that I'm not sure what to do with. It would've been great back at 4211 when John was always stalking us at night.image0

After work I met up with Chelsea. We had dinner at Erik's and then tried out Beard Pappa's, which was underwhelming. Then we went hiking and photographing up on Long Ridge. It was gorgeous, as it often is, and this time it was nice to have a beautiful girl to photograph, and of course it was good to have good company. We cruised back to Cupertino and had tea at a coffee shop up on Foothills where cyclists often meet before heading out into the hills.

Back at Gecko's it was nice to have a cottage to come home to, quiet and homely. The Caltrain woke me up in the morning briefly, then sprinklers after that. Unfamiliar sounds. I should get used to that. It was nice to have a hot shower, which I sometimes have been going without lately, and it would've been really nice to have a hot bath but I couldn't find anything to plug the tub. I endured the patience testing madness that is 101 traffic via car and stopped off at Cafe Dolce for breakfast for old time's sake.

And now that I've finished my breakfast burrito and am sipping on a white mocha, I remember that I need to take my typhoid pills at least two hours after eating and at least one hour before. Hm. =/