Waiting at SFO

2009-05-29 09:05:00-0700

SFO, May 2009I am currently sitting in the check-in area of SFO's international area, waiting. I'm a little underwhelmed by having to wait in this boring section of the airport, but Lisa may come visit me before I pass through security so I have to wait out here.

I managed to pack all of my things into a small frame backpack (the Osprey Atmos 35) and despite it being slightly larger than regulation for carry-on baggage, the cute Japanese girl at ANA said I could carry it on.

Last night I slept well, deep, with little or no stressful worry. When my body began waking up it was only 5:30am or so. It's weird, but ever since I moved out of my apartment and essentially became homeless, I have become a morning person. I've been living in my car for a month now and I'm still getting used to my body wanting to wake up early. This morning I just fought it and tried to sleep more, but ended up just tossing and turning and feeling achy until 7. I finally woke up, let droog off the leash so he could run around, took some photos, said goodbye to Will and Maks and then got in my car with Lila driving.

We stopped for gas and coffee down in Saratoga. When the barista asked me how I was doing I said "Great! I quit my job and I'm flying to Asia!" It feels good to excitedly state exactly what I'm doing in life, even when it's mundane, but when it's something big it carries a little extra weight and helps me realize the whole situation.

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