Drinking in the Tendernob, Post Street Divas

  • By Daniel
  • 2009-05-17 02:05:00-0700

After getting back from Santa Cruz, Brianna was the only one home at 4211. Shannon and Lily were already well into their evening somewhere out in the city and I was pretty late meeting up with them. Brianna decided to go out, so we got in the car and headed to Mission.

The problems were these... I couldn't get in touch with either Shannon or Lily, and Brianna just flat out didn't want to go to this thing she was supposed to go to. At the venue, she decided to go my way instead and we ended up driving around Soma for a while trying to come up with something enjoyable to do on minimal energy and money. During our nearly fruitless brainstorming I finally got in touch with Shannon who told us where to go, and where to go was a pretty shady neighborhood...

After 30 minutes of looking for parking, Brianna and I made our way up to within a block of the bar before I asked her if she'd locked her door, then we went back to the car and thought this through... See, the neighborhood we were in was not exactly a great place. There were junkies and cops pretty much everywhere. On top of that, I think that on our walk we found the epicenter of transvestite culture in San Francisco. Post and Polk is home to Diva's. I can't tell you much about the bar since we didn't go inside, but judging by the fake tits and adam's apples in mini skirts and stiletto's outside, I got a pretty accurate picture of what to expect. Brianna got a gracious compliment, "she doesn't even look like a man", though it could've been simply about her beauty, or that we were not recovering from addiction.

We decided to go back to the bar and at least have one drink. On the way we passed a junkie clinic where a man saw me walking with Brianna and said frankly "you're a lucky man." I can only imagine he had an unspoken "because she's actually a girl" on the end of that statement.

The place we were going, Cafe Royale, was actually an awesome bar more towards the less deviant end of the street. We finally met up with Shannon, Lily and Scott and had a few good drinks, good laughs, and generally had a great time. A few hours later the girls piled into my car and headed back to 4211.

Tomorrow the girls are doing Bay to Breakers, as are about 100,000 other people. I'm not, though, since crowds that big really don't do it for me. I'm not sure what I'll do, but I plan to head down to Lila's house in the afternoon and perhaps take her Ducati out for a spin...

I just realized I didn't take any photos tonight. I really ought to pick up a pocket camera to keep this a photo blog and not just a blog.