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Back to Vietnam in 2010

Friday, May 7th was my last day working my contract at GWOS. I had thought my contract ended a week earlier, and had bought a plane ticket for that timeframe. That detail was an oversight on my part, and it cost me nearly the price of a plane ticket just …

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My 39 hour day

By the time Monday morning rolled around I had slept away over half of my weekend while doped up on NyQuil and Imodium. I was finally starting to feel better on Monday, so much so that I decided I was well enough to drive to CO. I think I may …

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A sick friday, catching up with the 4211 girls

Friday I woke up sick as a dog in Rob's place. I had full on flu symptoms on top of the ongoing digestive problems and was not a happy camper. I slept well though, amazingly. I took a shower and played online a little while Rob kept sleeping. I decided …

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38 hour Thursday

Thursday morning I woke up above the Pacific Ocean somewhere off the coast of Japan. I knew this because right after I saw the clouds and ocean below I looked at the helpful map showing where we were on the planet. I was given breakfast and the loudspeaker announced that …

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1 hour left

Waiting for airplanes is always the same, they just can't arrive soon enough, but then you know you'll just be stuck on it for a long time anyway, so what difference does it make? It's a waiting game... So you wander around, look at cute girls and wonder what music …

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4 Days left

Today is Memorial Day and it will be the most memorable for me because as of today my brother is now out of Iraq forever! He's finishing his second tour and is now officially out of Iraq, waiting only one day in Kuwait before returning to Germany. So so so …

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My Last Friday

Today I headed out from work up to Lila's house to drop off some photos and pick up some stuff I had left up there. On the way up to SF to meet Rob and Donna for dinner I stopped to take some photos of the clouds spilling over the …

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10 days left

Ten days left until I'm on my way to the airport.

Yesterday my replacement at work started his job. He fell right into step, so that's good as I don't want to leave my co-workers in a tough spot with IT support issues.

On my lunch break I had my …

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Drinking in the Tendernob, Post Street Divas

After getting back from Santa Cruz, Brianna was the only one home at 4211. Shannon and Lily were already well into their evening somewhere out in the city and I was pretty late meeting up with them. Brianna decided to go out, so we got in the car and headed …

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