My Last Friday

  • By Daniel
  • 2009-05-22 23:05:00-0700

Today I headed out from work up to Lila's house to drop off some photos and pick up some stuff I had left up there. On the way up to SF to meet Rob and Donna for dinner I stopped to take some photos of the clouds spilling over the mountain range into the valley. Foothills Park SunsetThis is something I see frequently, but haven't ever captured the way I'd like to.

I got to SF and Rob was out front of Eliza's smoking a cigar. The driver of Donna's bus kicked everybody off so he could go to the bus depot, so she was a little late. Rob and I went into a bar on the corner to kill time. It just so happened that this bar had Singapore Slings on the menu, so in gonzo style, and in honor of my trip to Asia, we ordered two of them. Neither of us had ever had one, and they were pretty tasty.

Donna showed up just in time for us to finish so we popped next door and had a ƒ amazing Chinese meal. Eliza's has the best hot and sour soup ever. Seriously. It's really really good.

One of the reasons we had picked Eliza's is because it was near a venue we were going to catch a show at later. Some folks that Rob knows online from MN were performing at the Retox Lounge. One for the Team was the name of the band, and we got there in time to catch a few of their songs. Incidentally they are headed to Colorado Springs, so if you're in the area keep an eye out for them.

There was also a girl there giving peanut butter cookies away. Bad Boys on fireRob had seen her at the Phenomonauts show where she was also giving cookies away. She said that she always brings baked goods for the band and fans of the shows she goes to. She also said that this was her second time at Retox. The first time she saw a band perform there they had a lead singer dressed in a suit made from dildos and band members who were all wearing diapers. Her cookies were delicious.

The band coming up after them was a psychobilly band that Rob had seen a few times, Bad Men. They were really awesome. Talented musicians, good vibe, and to top it off they lit their instruments on fire for the last song. How the hell can you top that? Accordingly, we left shortly after their set was over.

On the way back to 4211 I didn't make a single wrong turn. For the first time ever. Just in time for me to leave town.