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Overriding ssh-agent for git commands

When cloning git URLs with ssh, git reads your ssh-agent keys before reading any identities. This can become a problem when you have multiple identities loaded, and not all of them are authorized to access private repositories. This can cause commands like git...

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On Lightfield photography and Lytro

Benjamin Warde commenting on Lytro:

Viewers will find clicking on photos to refocus them to be fun for exactly 17 seconds, after which theyll be bored, not to mention annoyed that they're being made to do work the photographer should have done already. ...

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Rethinking Photography in 2011

Yesterday some mixed feelings and vague thoughts I've been having for a long time culminated in the decision to sell all of my photography gear and start over from scratch.

I've been a hobbyist photographer for a long time, I got my first camera when I was about 7, but …

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From Taipei to Saigon, and more importantly, to Tien

On the flight to Saigon I sat next to a nice Vietnamese man from Canada who was going home to visit family. We didn't talk a whole lot, but he did mention that Saigon is different every time he goes back, always expanding and always building. He'd grown up in …

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Back to Vietnam in 2010

Friday, May 7th was my last day working my contract at GWOS. I had thought my contract ended a week earlier, and had bought a plane ticket for that timeframe. That detail was an oversight on my part, and it cost me nearly the price of a plane ticket just …

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The trip home from Da Lat

Sunday morning was warm and glorious. Eating breakfast outside was a treat that morning. We hung around the hotel until a van came to pick us up at 12:30 and take us off to our bus. We had expected the van to arrive sooner and give us time to …

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Going to Da Lat

Thursday morning when I woke up the first thing I did was plug in my dead hard disk to see if it had yet another life. Luckily it did and I put my laptop to work backing up my photos and music.

When Tien woke up we went next door …

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Heading out for Nha Trang

Tuesday morning at breakfast Tien's mom brought over a young boy who was big for his age. His older sister showed up soon afterwards and we all ate some snacks. They were Tiens cousins and I recognized their father from our engagement party when he came to pick them up …

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Day to day in Binh Hoa

Friday we woke up and did some internet stuff. I was catching up on a lot of Internet in the morning. Tien got me a breakfast sandwich and made me a banana and strawberry smoothie. What a lucky guy I am, my fiance bringing me food at my computer!

Tien …

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Lazy in Laos

Having arrived late to Vientiane and taken the first guesthouse with an opening, Thursday morning I went to find a better option, an option with Internet. That is vital if you want to stay in touch with people who are scattered around the globe.

I checked into a...

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More Thailand

SE Asia has very deep roots in Buddhism. I didn't know this when I came here. I'm beginning to see that pretty much everything in the history of Asia revolves around politics and religion. I don't think that there is anything to see that is not modern that isn't a …

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Visiting The Emerald Buddha

When I woke up and came down stairs, My's mother Ratana greeted me. She had been in India for work and arrived while I was sleeping. She was really nice and outgoing and made me feel at home. She was the only one I'd e-mailed with about my visit and …

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24 hours from Cambodia to Thailand

As I was planning, and thankfully the hackers were keeping up, I was able to jailbreak my iPhone and install network unlocking software on it which would enable me to use it as a phone outside of AT&T's network. I downloaded the tools to do this and did so …

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First day in Cambodia

The road north to Cambodia was immediately nicer than other roads I've taken into or inside of Saigon. They were more like the roads on Hanoi, more modern and maintained, and this gave promise to the many construction site billboards showing the future office complexes...

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4 Days left

Today is Memorial Day and it will be the most memorable for me because as of today my brother is now out of Iraq forever! He's finishing his second tour and is now officially out of Iraq, waiting only one day in Kuwait before returning to Germany. So so so …

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Securing data while traveling

One of the first things people mention when I tell them I'm going to Asia is the possibility of getting robbed or having my possessions stolen. The security minded individual would then immediately consider ways to keep private data private in such an instance, and that...

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Today I am rebranding and redesigning my website. In the near future this is where you can keep up with me and what’s happening in my probably to be mostly off the grid life as I backpack around SE Asia.

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Resuming the Journal

A lot has happened since I last updated this journal, and now I feel like resuming this introspective personal outlet for my own benefit. I'm going through some changes in life right now and would like to keep track of the thoughts that are developing in my mind. The two …

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