Technological aspects of - 2009 edition

2009-05-14 15:05:00-0700

The new site is coming along quickly due to the ease of installation provided by Wordpress and the awesome extension and theme communities build around it. Open source software is so rad. :)

I just finished integrating Facebook into the commenting system (via the plugin), which lets you comment on posts without having to make an account or anything silly like that.

One thing I have not yet found a solution for is the ability to geotag each post. In LiveJournal, there is a "location" text entry box when you compose a new post which lets you put any type of location data in there, from a street address to a lat/lon waypoint. I can't find anything like that for Wordpress though and I'd really like to show a map or have a google earth page that shows where I wrote blog entries and where I took photos. Does anybody know of something like that?

I already have the geotagging thing down with the photos via my Flickr map, it's just a matter of integrating it with Wordpress.

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